Business Tax Centre Limited

Company Services and Stationary

A range of products & services to aid in compliance issues of a limited company including; Seals, Plates and Registers, and Post incorporation services 5% discount for 2 products 10% discount for 5 or more products

Corporate Legal & Company Documents

To order items such as a Certficate of Good standing, a standard shareholder agreement, change of company name and new model articles for private, public or guarantee companies.

Plates and Seals

A range of plates and seals to compliment your company requirements. Seals are engraved for your company name and number. Plates are for "registered office" publicity requirements and state your company name, they can also be supplied 'mounted'. Please enter your full company name and company number in the additional information section of the online order form

Registers, and Minute Books

A range of company registers, minute books and share certificate books for all types of companies